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Wedding Tip No.7: Keep your fluids up! (non alcoholic that is)

With summer approaching fast, this is an opportune time to remind all brides and grooms to keep your fluids up on your wedding day!

It is easy to overlook the simple task of having a glass of water when there is so much happening around you.  It is very important though.

Traditional wedding dresses and dark suits are not suited to our high temperatures and it is easy to become dehydrated.  I have seen brides collapse from dehydration and it’s not pretty.  Don’t let it happen to you!


The benefits are two fold… not only will you rehydrate, but drinking water is proven to aid in the relief of stress.  It’s true!

So, wedding tip number 7 is keep a bottle of water close by and drink it regularly on the big day.  You’ll be better for it.



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Some Personal Work…

Given that it is the middle of winter and I have a few weekends free, I like to take the opportunity to work on some images for my portfolio.

Being passionate about my photography, I love to get out and create beautiful images. It’s very relaxing and also rewarding.

Here are a couple of shots I have in at the framers at the moment…

Brighton Bathing Boxes at night

Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes at night. Available for purchase in print sizes up to 40 inches wide.

Available for purchase in print sizes up to 30 inches wide.

Tree in a smokey field. Available for purchase in print sizes up to 30 inches wide.

I am offering these landscape images for sale in a limited edition run of 25 images. Printed on your choice of either metallic paper or lustre, these images will not only look great but will remain unique.

Keep an eye out for more images for sale here as this will be the first place they are posted.

Please contact me at allan@acprophoto.com for further details



Melbourne Wedding Photographer