Wedding season 2010/2011 is Go!

Many people ask me in surprise, ”Is there a wedding season?”.  Yes there is, and it has just started. 

Generally speaking, winter is the quieter time of year (although not this year!) and things seem to get busy again around September.  It is little wonder why really, footy finishes and more importantly, the weather improves.

This is an especially exciting season coming up for me with our recent move to Wonga Park which makes Yarra Valley weddings easy.  I have photographed two weddings in the Yarra Valley over winter and look forward to photographing many more.  It really is a beautiful place. 

For anyone getting married on the Mornington Peninsula, I always look forward to returning to my home patch for weddings too.

This weekend is a busy one for me with two weddings to kick it off.  One has to feel for them, I bet they didn’t plan on sharing their weddings with the AFL Grand Final replay!

Bring it on I say.  I love wedding season! 



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